How to choose dog boots for winter? Why you need anti-slip dog socks?

So, it is finally winter and the temperature is below Zero degrees. You need to protect your furry baby from the frost bites and purchase Dog Boots. There are snow boots and dog booties available that may protect paws from getting frostbites. If you need to protect your feet during winters, even the dog needs protection from cold weather. Along with the boots, anti-slip Dog Socks can offer an extra traction to the feet of your lovely creature when the floor is slippery. Even your hardwood floor will stay protected from scratches. If your dog has allergies, it is even more important to cover the paws with socks. This will prevent paw licking and continuous scratching. Adorable pair of socks can protect the feet in the finest manner.

Tips for choosing winter boots

Before you even visit the Dog Boots Store, you must take the exact measurement of the feet of the dog. Measure the size of his paws right from the back to the front of the heel. Skip the measurement of nails and write down the size on the piece of paper. Follow the tips below:

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  • Choose a material which is pretty thicker since that will add to the warmth
  • Choose specific booties for the winter activities you will have with the dog. For different activities, you need a different set of booties. For heavy duty activities, you may buy the snow boots
  • The booties must feature rubber soles. So the dog will be having strong foothold inside the home and the pavement.
  • The pair must be comfortable for your dog.

Socks for the dogs

Nonslip Socks for Dogs are must to consider since they will keep the feet warm and safe during winters. Nowadays, the socks can be availed in various colors and designs. It must be easy to wash and may be washed in the washing machine.

So, we may say that it is important to protect your furry creature’s feet with proper booties and socks.

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