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     Care & Hygiene
Care & Hygiene

Keep Your Dog Happy and Healthy with best luxury dog accessories


Every dog lover wants to make sure that our dogs are as happy and healthy or not, but we sometimes get puzzled thinking what dog accessories are suitable for their pets. We have every luxury dog's accessories to spice up their lives.

Dog Food Accessories

To keep your dog health it's very necessary to keep their food and water clean, for that we have the water bowl for dogs, slow feed dog bowl, and dog bowls with stand. We have simple plastic bowls to stainless steel bowls and attractively decorated porcelain, there is a wide range of dog bowls.

Keep your anxiety free with our dog wraps

Dog Wraps used in five major conditions like panic, anxiety, hyperactivity, danger, and shyness. These conditions are the main cause unwanted behaviours in dogs.  That's where our dog wraps comes into the picture.

Dog Diapers for your licentious dog

Dog diapers are essentially for licentious dogs. These dogs have a medical condition that makes it impossible to control their bladder. We have a wide variety of dog nappies for small and large dogs. So, make feel your dog relax and protect your home from unwanted stains.

Protect Your Dog from causality

Non-slip dog socks are used for the older dogs for friction they need on smooth indoor surfaces such as tile or hardwood.  which somewhere helps to protect them from any casualties.

If you care your dog and want luxury dog accessories our store have everything for your pet which you can buy at much affordable prices.