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Dog diapers for incontinence dogs, ill dog, and younger dog

Dog diapers are used for puppies and younger dogs during house training or a dog healing from an operation or illness who cannot go outdoor to excrete. When you go for vacation these dog nappies let your best friend back into the couch, up on the bed, or free to play around the hotel, to make you confident that accidents won't happen!

You could be considering using male dog nappies one for an older dog who is maturing incontinent or for a newborn dog that suffers from urinary incontinence when agitated, or feeling anxiety, who can leave stains on your floor or bed. So, you can use these nappies to be safe and make your dog relaxed.

You can also use dog diapers for a female dog during her 'heat' to guard your furnishings and carpets against varnishing with blood stains.

We stock a range of dog nappies, dog diapers, dog wraps along with other dog accessories like slow feed dog bowl, water bowls, Stainless Steel Dog Bowls, and non-slip dog socks.

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