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Why Non-slip Socks for Dogs

Our  non-slip dog socks make movement easier, increasing your dog’s confidence and quality of life.

For Senior Dogs -

Non-slip dog socks give senior or mature dogs, especially those dogs who have mobility problems like hip dysplasia or canine arthritis, extra traction. You just need two socks for dogs for the back or you can use on all four paws.

Protect From Slippery Floors - 

Age is not a determinant in slippery surfaces like floors. Young and old alike fear the shiny, slippery floors. Our non-slip dog socks offer confidence and stability on maple, tile, and even tile floors.

Protect From Heat, Cold & Allergies -

Many of our customers use this non-slip dog socks to protect their pet from weather which causes allergies, infections and from hold and cold diseases.

Protection from Rough Terrain and Wound -

Rough terrain and zigzag surfaces can harm your dog's paws. So, these dog sock will help you to protect them from the wound caused by rough terrain. So, buy a pair and make feel your doggy better.

Socks are Fashionable -

All dogs enjoy looking good with our pair of dogs socks, this is assured. Our Socks for dogs come in cool colours and elegant designs that glorify every dog’s fashion and personality.

We stock a range of dog socks along with other dog accessories like slow feed dog bowl, water bowls, Stainless Steel Dog Bowls, and dog nappies.

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