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Amazing Quality Cat Litter Tray Liners for Convenience and Ease of Cleaning

Merlins Pet Stores is not just a pet store. We are pet lovers, pet parents and pet people. When you experience online shopping with us, you feel extremely confident being aware of the fact that we would not sell anything that we would not give to our own pets. We boast of different varieties of large cat litter tray liners for hassle free litter changing. Our litter tray liners are made using tough plastic film making it very simple for the cat owners to remove soiled litter. With the use of our cat litter trays, you might feel the inconvenience and the mess of cleaning cat litter as the thing of the past. Our tray liners are heavy duty, hygienic and convenient and these serve as the key advantages of using our tray liners.

Exclusive Features of Our Cat Litter Tray Liners

Litter box tray liners generally insert into a cat litter tray and hold the different contents. This makes it easier for the cat owners to clean up the cat’s tray. This is due to the fact that the contents stay in one place at times when the liner is moved. Tray liners from Merlins Pet Stores are the best mainly because when they degrade, they do not leave any harmful or toxic residue in the environment. They feature drawstring openings allowing the users to simply lift and tie. Our tray liners also help in protecting the base of the cat litter trays from getting soiled. It is worth noting that the drawstring openings of the tray liners can easily be sealed for preventing spills. Our tray liners are also claw resistant thus preventing the over enthusiastic pets from causing inconvenient damages. They are also leak resistant and come with great fragrances for locking away and masking odors. Our top quality tray liners are probably one of the best things for making those unwanted jobs more convenient and pleasant. We also deal in large cat harnesses that make it very easy for the cat owners to have their cats moving from one place to another quite conveniently. For exclusive quality in cat harnesses and tray liners, we are the name that you can trust.